Rob Simmonds

Rob has been skilfully negotiating the tricky waters of online engagement since 2002. In that time social media has exploded, opening up a whole new world for businesses and organisations. With a background in local government, he took Exeter City Council to the top of the social media tree. His engaging style, blending humour with excellent customer service skills, a keen regard for the Council’s reputation and a sharp eye for promotional opportunities made the Council’s Twitter account one of the best local government accounts in the country, with over 11,000 followers.

What Rob instinctively understands is that social media is about more than simply telling the world about your product. Brands that get the most out of it are those which are willing to engage directly with their audience, becoming a welcome part of people’s online world.

As well as being Cake Publicity’s social media wizard, Rob is a talented writer. His work has been featured in leading cycling publications and he also writes reviews and articles for the award winning website. He can turn his hand to all types of written content, from marketing copy, to press releases, blog entries and more.

The best place to find Rob is on his Twitter account, @wellchuffedrob. Pop over and say hello!